Social Network

Problem The VCL participants shall identify themselves as team and develop common norms and a “we” feeling. However the learners cannot meet due to their geographical distance. Hence getting to know each other and working together in real-life is hardly possible.
Framework Variety of different ICT-tools
Solution By using a social network, the participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other, because of the opportunity to upload and share pictures and personal data. Thus similarities can be discovered and familiarity established. At the same time social networks do commonly offer the option to get in contact with each other (e.g. via text messaging). In particular social networks (such as;, which provide the opportunity to create an individual platform (e.g. design, disposition of modules) additionally to members profile and simple channels for communication, are suitable for joint work. Also the embedding diaries, forums and blogs as well as wikis is of interest or advantageous.
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