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Best practices

The Virtual Collaborative Learning (VCL) framework has established itself as an effective project at the Chair of Information management at the TU Dresden. When used properly, VCL can lead to a productive and enriching learning experience. This wiki will contain based on existing projects best practices solutions for the implementation of VCL projects.

Why use VCL?

Evaluation in the conducted local VCL projects show that VCL offers a number of benefits that make it a valuable and effective learning method:

  • Flexibility and Time Efficiency: Students who are employed full time appreciate the flexibility offered by VCL.
  • Accessibility and ease of use: Despite having no prior experience with VCL, all students were familiar with the platform and online communication. This indicates that VCL can be accessible and user-friendly, even for those who had little or no prior experience with it.
  • Improving Relationships and Work Efficiency: Students feel that this type of group work is more transparent and efficient in terms of division of labor within the group.
  • Improvement in learning outcomes: Students who complete their course assignments in VCL achieve better results compared to students who completed assignments in the traditional way

For more information on expectations and evaluation of executed VCLs, see: Feedback EPOKA, Feedback University of Elbasan, Feedback European University of Tirana, Feedback UNIKO, Feedback UNISHK,

Each entry will include the descriptions of the courses delivered, the technologies and platforms used, and participant experiences and feedback. The information provided will give you a comprehensive view of the practice of Virtual Collaborative Learning and its impact on participants. We invite you to use these resources to enhance your understanding and application of VCL.

Best practices and examples of how to plan a VCL project can be found in the following section, which explains the parts of the VCL in more detail: Best practices examples - How to plan a VCL

Successful implementation of VCL:

The following examples illustrate the successful implementation of VCL in various learning environments: Local VCL's and International VCL.