Communication Issues

Problem Frequently the participants of a VCL project are faced with the same problem and accordingly the identical question regarding particular topics in organisation or content, which have to be answered by the lecturers.
Framework Variety of different ICT-tools
Even though various ICT tools might be taken into account, the forum, in particular, can be recommended for such an interchange. Members of the group as well as participants will be able to relate to former questions and answers. Furthermore, any questions can be responded by all participants. Hence it is not compulsory that the lecturer covers all of them. On the one hand an active exchange, which is simultaneously documented, is possible and on the other hand repeated questions can be avoided.


Certainly, categories should be created according to content and threads (conversation structured according to content) should be well named. However, it is necessary to look over those threads and pay attention that appropriate questions and messages are assigned to the relevant subjects.
References Provision of Information
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