Documentation of Communication Processes

Problem There is a rapid loss of important information in virtual space. Additionally the tutor needs to be able to understand the team communication process for the evaluation. Therefore documentation is inevitable.
Framework Variety of different ICT-tools
Solution In order to make virtual communication understandable for all teams and tutors documentation has to be done. Communication on a textual basis like e-mail or chat can be saved.

However, minutes or reports are recommended for documentation. This ensures a higher transparency regarding deadlines and arrangements / agreements. The same applies for video conferences. In case of access to the right technologies video conferences can be fully recorded or partly - as an audio recording. These recordings then can be uploaded on the learning platform to be available afterwards.

Documentation for cross-team communication can take place in common social networks. The same applies for social networks in separate learning groups.

Online services where documents can be uploaded are conceivable as well (e.g. and for different types of documents or for presentations).
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