Meeting of Participants

Problem Within the framework of a VCL project, a kick-off-meeting as well as a final presentation requires the participation of all team members. The realisation of such an audio visual presence lecture is often difficult.
Framework More than one institution / university involved; More than one country involved
Solution By means of video conferencing all students can simultaneously and audio-visually participate at the same event. Hence, a group feeling is evolving faster than by just communicating via chat and forums from the start. There are two options of video conferencing. Either the students of one location are participating together via one webcam (see Figure 9: Illustration 1) or individually via their own webcam (see Figure 9: Illustration 2). The latter option is considered as exceptional case because it requires a greater organisational and technical effort. A combination of both options is possible as well (for example if a student is for any reason not able to participate from the seminar room, but from somewhere else).


Presentation slides or other media such as videos should, if used, be incorporated into the video conference. Furthermore it is recommended to set up an agenda for the video conference and to send it to the participating institutions upfront. This alleviates the organisational effort while conferencing because every institution / participant will then know when, who, and for how long someone is presenting. Additionally a technical test should take place before the video conference in order to remedy any discrepancies and to assure an unobstructed operation. Every participating institution/university is asked to attend the test. For such web conferences are various communication systems existing (e.g. Adobe Connect®).
References Management of Teams