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EPOKA University


The VCL project was applied in the course ”Introduction to Business” at EPOKA University. The course includes a semester project of building a business plan in groups. Therefore, the VCL method was applied to better structure the project and derive more effective results. The VCL took place between winter semester of 2021 and 93 students were enrolled on the course. Microsoft Teams and Miro Board have been used as a main tools to facilitate and monitor activities. E-Tutors checked the weekly meetings of the students, which were recorded, and the evidence was published in the group channel. Also, groups posted reports for their meetings that described the challenges and the outcomes from the meetings held. Drafts sent served as a proof of working status of the students and stimulated them to complete different sections of the project gradually. The assessment of this VCL module was based on the virtual collaboration and interactivity of the students. Points were allocated based on group work and individual performance.


Surveys were used to evaluate the course, with one survey collecting student expectations and another collecting feedback after the course.

  • The VCL promoted teamwork collaboration was seen as a crucial asset for any group project. It encouraged systematic work, constant tracking of progress and division of work.
  • Due to the E-Tutors it was easier for the professor to have a proper supervision of each group work.
  • Moreover, the mentorship from senior students was efficient because freshman students felt comfortable and had better access to any information required because the E-Tutor was at their disposal.
  • The best performing groups (having higher points for the project) were the ones who had shown constant engagement in their group channels and completed the requirements of the VCL module.


Split into Internal Factors and External Factors.

Internal Factors:

  • Prior training of E-Tutor All E-Tutors had previous experience with subject, however there were still some gaps of information as they are not as competent on the subject as the lecturer. We suggest that there should prior training of E-Tutors on the course requirements and main concepts.
  • Evaluation design E-Tutors kept note of questions from students that have been not considered beforehand. They delivered them to the professor, who could provide a definitive answer to their issues. These issues should be noted and elaborated further, because they enrich the process and avoid the rising of same information gaps in other VCL modules.

External Factors:

  • Technical Limitations of used Platforms Miro and MS Teams For example there exists only 3 boards per team in Miro or all the members invited could access all boards, although they were intended to have access only to the board created for their group specifically. Furthermore it is not possible to create a meeting where people from different channels can participate in MS Teams.